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7 Generations  is a community-funded documentary currently in production discussing the introduction of copper-sulfide mining to Minnesota near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area & Lake Superior. The film tells the story of a region on the precipice of a decision that may irrevocably change some of America's greatest freshwater resources.

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Tom and Andrew have been working diligently to finalize the storyboard for 7 Generations. As I'm sure you well know, this fall was pretty brutal regarding permits for Polymet, the election of Pete Stauber, new developments regarding the Twin Metals project and mining prospecting in the Superior National Forest.

Because of some of these new developments and the challenging weather we had this fall for gathering much of the footage we needed, we've adjusted our timeline and will be digging even deeper into the story. Our plan is to release a feature length doc and will be shooting much of 2019. That means more grant writing, fundraising, etc. while we continue to move forward with our production schedule. We appreciate your support regarding donations and encouraging your friends and family to donate as well.

We take this responsibility very seriously. Please trust that we're doing everything that we can and know that we are a small, two man team doing the best that we can given our limited resources.

Thank you for your continued support.
Tom & Andrew