Dam Goods, Dam Good Custom Fly Rod

Dam Goods, Dam Good Custom Fly Rod


DAM Goods values sustainability and being good stewards of the environment, striving to use locally sourced and salvage materials in their products and packaging. They believe that the smaller they can keep their footprint, the more we can all enjoy the abundant gifts from Mother Nature.

They also believe in paying it forward, sharing their good fortune to support others and leaving the earth better than we found it. And for that we thank them.

Fly rods...what can we say other than everyone has an opinion on which style is best. DAM Goods' stance on the whole topic is "to each their own" - they'll build it to your desired specs. They have the ability to get a wide variety of blank brands in many different styles and weights, so you have the opportunity to create your best rod, whatever that happens to be.

The DAM good Fly rod signature setup uses a Temple Fork Outfitters Finnesse series blank in 1-5 weight and BVK series blank for 5-10 weight. They also use snake eye guides and a 7" Wells style cork handle with reel seat.

DAM Goods offers multiple options to make your rod truly one of a kind - let them know what you have in mind. Depending on upgrades selected the price and availability of the rod will vary:

Rod blank 
Brand (e.g. Sage, Orvis, Lamiglas) 
Number of pieces 
Guide style (e.g. ceramic ring, specific colors) 
Handle style (e.g. size, material) 
Reel seat (e.g. material, brand, color)

After making your pledge for this item, email us at 7generationsfilm@gmail.com for more information about how Dam Goods can create your custom rod.

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